Fruit Salad, The Knitter’s Guild & Fajitas

Tomorrow, at my office,  starts the week of recognition for a certain department. I have a cubicle in this department, but I’m not a part of that department. They were nice enough to include me on the breakfast they’re having tomorrow.  But, I have to bring something.  I was volunteered to bring fruit salad.  Not cheap.  I got grapes, strawberries, melon, and pineapple.  It was all pre-chopped, so less work for me.  My hands smell like fruit, sniff sniff, so good! 

I’ve been knitting a majority of the day.  I ripped my Vanilla Fog hat out once more.  Andrea Mowry got in touch with me about the pattern question I had. It still didn’t make sense,  so I altered it to make sense to me.  I finally got the hang of the brioche knitting in the round,  and I’m about 1.5 inches into the hat. Fun! 

I’m going to sign up for the Knitters Guild this summer.  It’s basically a school for knitters to test your skills, I think.  I want to be a master knitter.   I know,  I cannot even get brioche in the round to work, I have a ways to go before I could be a master. The idea of having knitting homework just seems fun.  So, yea.  

I’m dyeing some yarn right now.  Water is heating up in my 20 quart pot.  I don’t think I needed a pot that big, but for some reason,  I got it.  It would be awesome for crab legs though.  Too bad it is contaminated with acid dyes now. 

Per the request of my daughter,  I’m going to use pink and aqua dyes for this yarn. It’s going to be called Jigglypuff.  She loves Pokemon.  But, it will not be available in my store. I’m just testing the color combination for now.  Plus,  it’s on 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.  Not soft,  at all.  I’d feel awful if someone bought that base.  I’m waiting on my yarn order to come in,  and this scratchy yarn is the only thing I had left to dye.

I’ve got my secret dry rub marinating on chicken now.   Going to fire up the grill around 5:00 and cook my favorite meal, fajitas!!  Spanish rice,  refried beans, peppers, onions, and cheese will be in the mix as well.  Not to toot my own horn,  but my fajitas are better than any fajitas I’ve ever had. Nom!

I guess that’s all for now.  I’m going to go dye my yarn,  get back to knitting,  and start cooking soon.   



Note: please pardon my spelling errors.  Ultra Power Saving Mode on my phone is not friendly to the spelling impaired.

There should be more words that have no meaning like the great Steve Miller Band pulled off with”The Joker”.  Pompitous! That is a great word.   I’m going to start randomly creating words and do my best to make sure there is no meaning to them.   I can already tell that will be really hard.  But, in respect to this great word,  I will be naming my next yarn colorway Pompitous.

Speaking of yarn,  I ordered 20 hanks of yarn to dye.  It’s not nearly enough,  but it will have to do.  Flying low on the financial radar so my husband does not figure me out! I also ordered some more dyes. My collection now is somewhat small.  It will take time,  but I’m sure I’ll get to the point that I’ll have a good variety.   I am really excited about having my own yarn line, but I’ll feel more legit once I make a sale.

Right now,  I’m on my lunch break.  Regretting not bringing some knitting with me. I am going to restart the Vanilla Fog hat by Andrea Mowry this weekend for the Actually Knitting Podcast KAL. I love that podcast.

I messed up Vanilla Fog 3 times last weekend because I went into the pattern with no idea how to brioche in the round.  I think I have it down now.  I’m really excited to try new techniques.  And the MCN yarn I’m using is by Artistic Lily.  Really pretty.

Is it 5:00pm yet? Back to work.