A Weekend of Fun Relaxation

Let me tell you about my weekend…

Friday after work, I got my hair cut off.  it was about a quarter way down my back and now, it dries to the top of my neck.  I got it cut at the bottom of my neck, but my hair is curly… it bounces up.  After that, I dyed the first of three yarns for the Quicksilver shawl by Melanie Berg.  I also finished my Vanilla Fog hat by Andrea Mowry that night.


Saturday. my daughter and I had a little girls day out.  We went to Target and Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was fun.  Then I came home to dye the rest of my yarn for my shawl.  The Yarn Tree was in full bloom yesterday.  I’m very happy with how my yarns turned out.


Then, on Saturday, I knitted my first swatch for my TKGA course I’m taking.  I’m very happy with how that came out also.

Today, not as productive.  I got about 12 rows into the next swatch, stopped and counted my stitches, and I was one stitch too many.  Ugh, I don’t know where I went wrong, but I just ripped it out.  Starting over is not a big deal, but I want to finish that swatch today.  It is almost 3pm, so I need to get started.

Tonight we are going to watch Rogue One.  We didn’t see it in theaters this time.  It doesn’t resemble the classic Star Wars movie plot in my opinion, but I hope it’s good.

Tomorrow, work.  It will be the crazy busy week of work out of the month.  I’m nervous.  I’ve been at this job for 2 months and I still feel like I haven’t grasped everything yet.  Can I just stay home and knit for a living?


What’s new…


I got about 2.5″ further into my hat.  I’d like to finish it by the end of the weekend.   Next,  I’m going to start the swatches for my TKGA course.   But, I’d like to start a shawl or a sweater.   Something a little more challenging than a hat.  

I need to start cooking again.   I only cook on the weekend mainly.   I was cooking a meal from a different country every weekend.  A theme night kinda.  But, there are only so many ingredients you can find in a small town grocery store.  It got complicated,  and expensive.  

My daughter got her glasses today. She’s so excited and can see a lot better.   I’m happy for her.  Now I need to get some glasses.   That will have to wait until after Disney in May.

Disney in May! Yay!



Since becoming a member of The Knitting Guild Association (yesterday), I’m obsessing with making lists, researching the website,  checking out the Ravelry Group, and thinking about what courses I’m going to take.

I have made a list of courses that I’m going to take and the deadline I’m giving myself for each course. According to my timeline, I’ll be a Master Knitter in 2023, hopefully.

There is a good chance that I’ll just give up,  but I have high hopes right now.

I want to finish my Vanilla Fog hat before I start the homework for TKGA.  I had to order some sport weight yarn for class,  so I have time since I have to wait on that to come in. I’m 3″ into Vanilla Fog.  Very happy with it,  even though it’s not perfect.

I got a load of undyed yarn in yesterday.  I’m really excited to get home and start a batch.  I’m thinking about the colors I will use tonight,  but I’m at a loss right now.   What are good color combinations?
I took my daughter to the eye doctor for the first time yesterday.  Turns out, she is nearsighted.   She picked out a pair of Guess frames and they look great on her.   They have somewhat thick black frames.  I’m happy for her.  She said she could really see better when the doctor found the right perscription. Now to wait on the lenses to be made.

For now,  that is about it.