Next up…

Next up on my needles will be Quicksilver by Melanie Berg.  Im going to dye up some yarn to knit it.  I need to figure out what colors I want to use.  I’m almost finished with the Vanilla Fog by Andrea Mowry.   It’s turning out great,  love it.  And the yarn is super soft.  It’s a MCN base by Artistic Lilly.  

Next hobby I’m going to tackle is cooking.  I want to become a foodie/cook.  I don’t want to cook my way through the Julia Child cookbook or anything,  just broaden my horizons on what I can choose from. Plus,  cooking is relaxing, especially with a glass of wine.  I haven’t had a glass of wine in months.  And it will give me something else to talk about in my blog.

Does anyone use Snapchat? I have like 3 friends on Snapchat. That does not validate my want to purchase those sunglasses that sync and record to Snapchat though. I need more friends!

May is quickly sneaking up on me.  I’m getting scared about the 5 hour drive to Orlando.  I hope my daughter can keep me awake and alert. Driving is not my thing,  but Disney is definitely my thing.  I love Disney. I want to hug Mickey!!

So,  if you have any great cooking ideas, please share.  I’d love to learn.