Brioche, purls, and ripping 

Vanilla Fog by Andrea Mowry is a brioche knitted hat. I’m new to brioche in the round.  Needless to say, I’ve ripped it a few times now.  However, I swear there is a hiccup in the pattern.  Therefore,  I am on hold to start again until the designer emails me back.  It’s probably me,  but I just need clarification.

People hate the purl stitch. Why? Maybe I just knit differently than the average bear, but purl stitches do not bother me. 

My daughter and I went on a road trip today about 2 hours away.  We ended up seeing Beauty and the Beast, having lunch,  doing a little shopping,  then getting back home by 5:30. It was a fun day.  

I really want to concentrate on knitting tomorrow.  I’ve been physically and mentally exhausted over the past week and I haven’t knitted a single stitch until today.   

Sunday’s are both good and bad.  Good because it’s a day off work.  Bad because all you can think of is how you don’t want to go to work.   Well,  that’s me at least.  Saturday is really the only day off that is worry free in my opinion. 

When I get bored at night,  I go to bed.  My husband and daughter are normally consumed into some video game by this time of night,  so I don’t feel guilty about crashing.  It is 8:45 though.  I’m 34 years old.  This just isn’t natural.   I need to find more to do so I don’t get bored and get tired. 

But for now,  I’m bored and tired.