Next up…

Next up on my needles will be Quicksilver by Melanie Berg.  Im going to dye up some yarn to knit it.  I need to figure out what colors I want to use.  I’m almost finished with the Vanilla Fog by Andrea Mowry.   It’s turning out great,  love it.  And the yarn is super soft.  It’s a MCN base by Artistic Lilly.  

Next hobby I’m going to tackle is cooking.  I want to become a foodie/cook.  I don’t want to cook my way through the Julia Child cookbook or anything,  just broaden my horizons on what I can choose from. Plus,  cooking is relaxing, especially with a glass of wine.  I haven’t had a glass of wine in months.  And it will give me something else to talk about in my blog.

Does anyone use Snapchat? I have like 3 friends on Snapchat. That does not validate my want to purchase those sunglasses that sync and record to Snapchat though. I need more friends!

May is quickly sneaking up on me.  I’m getting scared about the 5 hour drive to Orlando.  I hope my daughter can keep me awake and alert. Driving is not my thing,  but Disney is definitely my thing.  I love Disney. I want to hug Mickey!!

So,  if you have any great cooking ideas, please share.  I’d love to learn.  


What’s new…


I got about 2.5″ further into my hat.  I’d like to finish it by the end of the weekend.   Next,  I’m going to start the swatches for my TKGA course.   But, I’d like to start a shawl or a sweater.   Something a little more challenging than a hat.  

I need to start cooking again.   I only cook on the weekend mainly.   I was cooking a meal from a different country every weekend.  A theme night kinda.  But, there are only so many ingredients you can find in a small town grocery store.  It got complicated,  and expensive.  

My daughter got her glasses today. She’s so excited and can see a lot better.   I’m happy for her.  Now I need to get some glasses.   That will have to wait until after Disney in May.

Disney in May! Yay!